Medicolegal Work


I regularly produce reports on instruction from solicitors relating to medicolegal claims. I provide a rapid turnaround (usually <3 weeks) with brief concise reports.


I have been doing medicolegal reports for about 20 years, approximately 50 per year with around 60/40% defendant/claimant split.


A total of 10 cases have resulted in appearance in Court.



My scale of fees is as follows:


Preparation of report: £200/hour, usually 2-4 hours


Examination of Client: £200, in addition to above


Attendance at Conference with Counsel: £200/hour


Travelling time: £100/hour (plus First Class rail fare)


Telephone conference between experts: £200/hour (usually 1 hour with 1 hour preparation)


Trials: £1200 per day in half day units (plus travelling time)


Short form reports can be arranged at a fixed cost of £500.