News Page

The world of medicine is in a state of constant flux. This is where I will provide you with a selection of interesting news about the medical world and my practice.

New EP lab at Spire Hospital

For many years, we have had to carry out procedures at BHI and then transfer you to the Spire Hospital afterwards by ambulance since the Spire Hospital did not have the facilities for complex cardiac procedures, and the BRI did not have Private beds.

I am pleased to announce that we have now been able to set up a fully equipped EP lab at the Spire Bristol Hospital so procedres can be done there which is more convenient all round

CARTO now installed in BHI and Spire EP Labs

Complex arrhythmia procedures require electrospatial mapping of the heart and where we place our lesions. Biosense have now installed this state of the art system in both our Centres so we are in a position to treat complex arrhythmias such as difficult AF and VT with state of the art equipment in both NHS and for Private patients.

New Oral Anticoagulants (NOAC)


Dabigatran Rivaroxaban and Epixaban are anticoagulants which can be used as an alternative to Warfarin. They are much more convenient, being fixed dosage and not requiring blood tests. NICE have now approved these drugs for patients with atrial fibrillation at increased risk of stroke, though they are not yet tested for valve patients or those undergoing cardioversion.


Because of cost pressures, they are not available to all but ask your GP if you may be eligible for treatment with one of these new drugs

NHS Funding Restrictions


The freeze on funding for the NHS means regrettably we have not been able to make all the improvements we would like for treating arrhythmia patients. Waiting lists are long and currently you will wait about 12 months for an ablation on the NHS. We are fighting hard to improve matters, but it is not easy. Please bear with us.